Document Processing


arrow-circle-16pts PDF

more-than-16pts Java PDF creation and manipulation with iText

more-than-16pts Plugin’s and IAC for Adobe Acrobat and Reader. As DRM decryption and other manipulations


arrow-circle-16pts Postscript

more-than-16pts Postscript resources creation

more-than-16pts Postscript parsing and manipulation over DSC comments

more-than-16pts VIPP (XGF) manipulation


arrow-circle-16pts XSL-FO :

more-than-16pts Handwritten and designer tools driven XSL-FO templates creation

more-than-16pts Transformation to Postscript and PDF over Apache FOP Java API


arrow-circle-16pts Adobe InDesign book creation with XML data

more-than-16pts Soil Bioengineering - Construction Type ManualVerein für Ingenieurbiologie


arrow-circle-16pts Tiff, Jpeg and other image formats

more-than-16pts Manipulation and transformation to Postscript and PDF

more-than-16pts Multi pages extractions




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